Betting on WWE is something that has been recently introduced by Paddy Power, and it brings me great joy! They first introduced it for Wrestlemania 28, but I wasn’t able to place a bet while I was in America, even over the Internet! But now that I’m home, once a month I get to sit down and study the prices, check the Twittersphere and get any inside track that is available, before the price compilers at Paddy Power HQ get them.

Extreme Rules was the first PPV I bet on, and I don’t mind telling you that I lost a fortune. I smashed into John Cena to beat Brock Lesnar, and he did, but I also had a double and got involved with a bit of Daniel Bryan action. Silly old me forgot to consider the fact that Sheamus is good buddies with Triple H, and was never gonna drop his title run 1 month after winning it at ‘Mania… Lesson learned!

Over the Limit brought me similar misfortune, but I’m getting very close! I piled money on Johnny Ace to beat Cena, Sheamus to retain, Kane to beat Ryder, and Natalya to beat Beth Phoenix. It was ALL going swimmingly, I was one fight away from winning about €1,500, until… CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan. I was CERTAIN that Bryan would win the belt, it felt right, it was the smart thing to do, but it didn’t happen. Punk won in controversial circumstances, and they’ve set it up for a rematch next month. I felt sick. I was disgusted. Furthermore, I read today on Wrestlezone that the original plan was to have Bryan carry the title for a few months, but they changed it last minute. Never before have I hated WWE Creative so much, they cost me a holiday!

I’m not giving up, I will get it right, I know more than the suits in Paddy Power, especially when it comes to wrestling! Who knows, if things don’t work out in my current job, I might just apply for head of WWE odds compiling at Paddy’s, now that’s what I call a dream job!

About Anthony O' Connell

Journalism student, hard working sports-betting trader, bust most importantly a WWE fanatic!

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