Wrestlemania 28 – Here I Come!

The guys in the office are mad at me. NFL buffs like Mark, Alan and Graham have discovered that I will be going to the SunLife Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. They are not jealous about the fact that I am getting to go there, but they are angry at the fact that I am not going to see an NFL game. I’m going for different reasons. I’m going to Wrestlemania.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of professional wrestling, Wrestlemania is the mecca for any WWE fan, and is our version of the Superbowl. “The grandest stage of them all” it is called, and I have the privilege of getting to witness the spectacle in person. The world’s biggest stars collide in front of over 70,000 people, as we cheer for our favourites like CM Punk and The Rock, and jeer others like John Cena and Chris Jericho.

I have watched WWE for as long as I can remember, but have only gotten to the live shows twice, which were of no great significance. But I am going from one extreme to another this April; I am going to witness what is to be one of the biggest Wrestlemania’s of the last 15 years. The Rock, AKA Dwayne Johnson, has been one of the biggest stars to come from the world of sports entertainment, and has enjoyed success in Hollywood as a result. The Miami hometown hero is returning to fight the biggest superstar of the new blood in WWE, John Cena. Cena has been the face of the company for years now, and generates a colossal amount of money. Problem is, as much as I like him as a person, I hate his character and want to him to lose, in embarrassing fashion. I’m not too keen on The Rock, I’ve always tended to favour the heels, people like Triple H and Randy Orton, but I shall be cheering him on so as to avoid being beaten up by tens of thousands of Miami natives!

Wrestlemania is going to be a dream come true for me, attending it has been top of my bucket list for many years now. Popping over to the Bahamas for a few days while in Miami, and going to DisneyWorld if I can fit it into my hectic schedule. It’s a hard life!

WWE Extreme Rules Updated Card

Following last night’s edition of Raw, below is the updated card for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV this Sunday night. The action kicks off at 1pm Live on Sky Sports, but be sure to check-in for our live discussion here at wrestlingisreal!

Extreme Rules Match:
-Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Chicago Street Fight For The WWE Title:
-CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

2 out of 3 Falls Match For The World Title:
-Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
-Randy Orton vs. Kane

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
-Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

Pre-show match to air live on YouTube:

WWE United States Championship Match:
-Santino Marella (c) vs. The Miz